Jedidiah Taylor

CEO & Founder @ ICO -

Jedidiah Taylor is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for innovative technology and social causes. He has held and managed multiple C-level roles and responsibilities such as CEO, CFO and COO in a wide variety of industries with an emphasis on technology. He has become somewhat of an expert on Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and many other CRM’s migrating outdated systems and methodologies to leading edge cloud based technologies. Jedidiah started his first company at the age 23 where he built an online sports betting hedging system that placed upwards of $7,000,000.00 in action monthly with over 30 employees. He then spent the next year and a half in San Jose, Costa Rica incorporating the model through a number of very successful sports books and casinos. Jedidiah then moved on to work directly with a private equity firm researching up and coming technology opportunities, creating startup businesses, facilitating acquisitions and executing the successful mergers of these businesses. He has grown companies over the years into millions of dollars of new or increased revenue and knows how to scale businesses successfully.